Sony 405nm 20mw~300mw وحدة الليزر الأزرق البنفسجي دوت/Line/Cross focus adjustable / reticle

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Sony 405nm 20mw~300mw وحدة الليزر الأزرق البنفسجي دوت/Line/Cross  focus adjustable / reticle

This product uses the Japanese advanced laser diode as the core components.
The latest communications technology and production equipment laser technology used in the production of industrial lasers.
Produce high-performance lasers for industrial applications.
Not be compared with other equivalent product advantages.
Constant intelligent feedback control circuit;
Efficient high transmittance optical system;
Low-power, high-performance optical power output;
stable performance, consistency, and long service life.

البعد(20mw~50mw): φ14*45mm
البعد(80mw~300mw): φ16*68mm
Output wavelength: 405 nm
انتاج الطاقة: 20mW~300mW (choose)
شكل الليزر: Dot / Line / Crosshair (choose)
نوع الليزر: Visible laser, Blue violet color
Laser diode(20mw~80mw): Sony
Laser diode(100mw~200mw): Nichia
Laser diode(300mw): OSRAM
Working voltage: DC 3.3V~5V
Shell material: Aluminum Alloy
Optical sections: Focus 
Lens Material: pvc gathered lenses
Working medium: Semiconductors
Working temperature: -40℃-75℃
Laser beam size: 0.4mm-1mm
الحياة العملية: About 10,000 hours
Structural سمات: Aluminum shell + Sony laser diode + K9 glass lens + constant current driver board

[الشحنة تحتوي]
1 x Blue-violet laser module
1 x Power Transformer (choose)
1 x وحدة الليزر القابلة للتعديل حامل / المشبك / غرفة التبريد (choose)





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