SONY SLD3134VL 405nm 20mw الصمام الثنائي ليزر الأزرق البنفسجي TO-18

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SONY  SLD3134VL  405nm 20mw ديود ليزر أزرق بنفسجي  TO-18
الطول الموجي الناتج: 405nm(Typ.)
Threshold Current: Ith=26mA(Typ.)
انتاج الطاقة: 20mw CW
نوع الحزمة: TO-18 φ5.6 with PD
Brand: SONY
This component sensitive to static electricity, anti-static measures do not make direct contact with the laser tube by human hand, in addition to the product must have a qualified driver circuit before work, different laser beam power with the same working voltage, but  operating current is different, the circuit of the tube drive current needed to control in a safe range, otherwise it will affect life expectancy.
This is a special product, before shipment to ensure the good quality and brand new, once sold, do not be warranty and refund!
If there are any product problems with this laser diode within 3 days of receiving it, you can return it for a full refund or exchange new products.




Absolute Maximum Ratings 


Parameter Symbols Ratings Units
Optical Output CW Po 20 mW
Reverse Voltage Laser Vr 2 V
درجة حرارة التشغيل Topr 0~+75
درجة حرارة التخزين Tstg -40~+85

Electrical and optical Characteristics 


Parameter Symbols Conditions Min Typ Max Units
Threshold Current Ith CW  - 26 50 mA
Operating Current Iop Po=10mW  - 35 60 mA
جهد التشغيل Vop Po=10mW  - 4.8 5.6 V
Lasing Wavelength Lp Po=10mW 395 405 415 nm
شعاع الاختلاف Perpendicular Qv Po=10mW 16 19 23 °
شعاع الاختلاف Parallel Qh Po=10mW 6 8.5 12 °
Off Axis Angle Perpendicular dQv Po=10mW -2 - 2 °
Off Axis Angle Parallel dQh Po=10mW -2 - 2 °
Differential Efficiency SE Po=10mW 0.7 1.1  - mW/mA


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